Give it Five

Give it Five

"Give it five" - Mr.Offor

This was the main mantra of my Grade 5 teacher back in the late 90s.

A powerful phrase that summed up a "carpet time" session he gave to us, a grade 5/6 split class, one rainstormy day early in the school year.

Recess was canceled and we ended up having a memorable discussion about what it means to learn, in general terms. What types of techniques and technology (at the time) are available to making learning easier.

I remember specific study techniques and questions about "types of learning - visual, spacial, etc.." but what I remember most was, anytime you encounter something new that peaks your interest - give it five.

"Do a search, look at resources and learn as much as you can about the topic in 5 minutes. Deep dive like an Olympic diver into the ocean of knowledge and emerge with a better understanding than when you started".

If, after 5 measly minutes, you still cared and wanted to know more than it's something worth learning about. If not, than move on to something else.

This is something that I still do today, on a regular basis multiple times a day, being a self taught developer.

My one main caveat is if I find a YouTube video on a topic. Sometimes 5 minutes turns into a two hour YouTube playlist rabbithole.