Level up - the Agile way

Level up - the Agile way

"Move fast and break things." -- Mark Zuckerberg

He made that quote famous years ago, and it lit a fire under many in the sect of software development that I work in. The concept behind this is that if you tackle things right away - rapidly - then you encounter the roadblocks and barriers you normally would of experienced sooner.

When it comes to using behavior correction techniques to help correct or modify undesirable behavior I take the same approach as I do for coding. I try things out early, change up the approach and then repeat. If I get the intented behavior correction I'm looking for, the technique (or some varient of it) stays. If not, then it's time for something new.

Most of the time my ideas fail. Not everything can be solved with Baby Shark. And that's okay; failing is just as much a part of the process as success is.

As Edison famously says, "I know a million ways not to make a light bulb..."

And for parenting, this bodes especially true. What I think might work as a distraction, punishment or praise could totally backfire. Learning what doesn't work and why goes a long way into helping come up with winning strategies that do work to make day to day life easier.