What is "Agile Parenting"?

What is "Agile Parenting"?

Agile is a popular work process championed by software developers and project managers around the world. At its core, the methodology values each team member's equal contribution to a project. Everyone is responsible for a portion of the work, but one member's work is not deemed more "essential" than another. Instead, the team manages itself with constant feedback and status updates to prevent a hierarchical system of receiving and completing tasks.

Thus, at the heart of agile management is the concept of “team,” and many professionals have adopted this workflow in their professional lives. But what about that other team you’re on? You know, the one you come home to every night? Your family is your number one team, and there’s a lot to get done in your personal life, too.

Best-selling author of The Secrets of Happy Families, Bruce Feiler, shares in his TED Talk how the techniques of agile software programming can be applied to families and parenting.

His family adopted this process to manage everything from household chores to homework and even punishments. He, his wife, and kids communicate regularly and set goals during their weekly family meetings. By allowing his children to participate in their own upbringing, Feiler notice that his family is happier and less stressed.

Bruce Feiler: Agile programming -- for your family

Feiler is not the only parent to introduce a scrum process in his family to help kids become independent and empowered and parents less stressed.

There is a growing movement of parents implementing agile strategies at home. From weekly stand-ups to logistical coordination, there are lots of ways to adapt agile ideas into your home. Aside from the tangible solutions to scheduling, agile practices also help to instill a core set of values in children at surprisingly early ages.